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Saturday, 13 August 2011
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New book
Written by Peter Shylov   

eng_adj.jpgEnglish Adjective: Enjoy the World of Variety.

by Irina I. Seryakova, and Olga A.Yanovaya  

 The coursebook is meant for  intermediate and above learners of English as a Foreign Language who want to extend and develop their language skills through working with special and at the same time fresh and varied material. This up-to-date, accurate and readable grammar book explains each area of adjective grammar clearly and concisely, uses traditional and familiardesriptions, yet takes account of modern research into the grammar of adjective. It also supplies learners with substantial adjective vocabulary presented as a list of alternative adjectives (with more than 750 entries).

Last Updated ( Friday, 29 October 2010 )
New Book
Written by Peter Shylov   

non_verbal.jpgThe Magic of Non-Verbal Communication

by Irina I.Seryakova

The book aims to highlight some aspects of the theory of nonverbal communication and to demonstrate its practical relevance to language learning and teaching. Through a series of exercises, it suggests ways in which the theory can be put into practice. The book also provides students with practical recommendations on how to behave nonverbally in some speech situations.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 March 2010 )
New book!
Written by Yaroslav Zborovsky   
volkbook.jpg“Theoretical Grammar of English: Modern Approach” by Associate Professor Lydia M. Volkova has recently been out of print.
This book is intended as a basic introduction to Theoretical Grammar of Modern English. The principal aim of the author is to introduce E.S.L. students to some basic linguistic notions and essential concepts of Theoretical Grammar, and to make the theory accessible so that the basic issues of Theoretical Grammar may be easier to understand.
The book will be of great help to both full-time students and correspondence students.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 June 2009 )
Introduction to Germanic Linguistics in Tables
Written by Yaroslav Zborovsky   
sabobook.jpgA textbook “Introduction to Germanic Linguistics in Tables” by Olga Sabo has just been out of print. The book will be indispensable for the second and third year students studying Introduction to Germanic Linguistics and History of English.testst
Last Updated ( Monday, 01 March 2010 )